Honey Suppliers

Corral Creek Orchard (WA)


Mint honey

  • 2lbs $4
  • 3 $5
  • 4 $6
  • 5 $7
  • 12 $15
  • 60 $60

Bee Happy Honey

Flemington, NJ, (908)788-6004

A very wide selection, so-so prices (they'll fax a price list). They'll ship, but they don't take credit card orders.

Draper Bee

Poor prices unless they'll sell wholesale

Glorybee Foods (OR)

Good prices, large quantities, 40lb. (3.5 gallon) buckets. They do online ordering.

Kallas Honey

Good prices. Orange blossom, cranberry, buckwheat.

Miller's Honey Company

excellent prices on orange blossom

Stiles Apiaries


They're opening a store in September 1999, and will have more varieties then.

Varieties (changes regularly)

  • wildflower, tulip poplar (now)
  • holly (not available now, maybe August)
  • galberry (in NC, in holly family, near memorial day), very light (water white), "a spicy bite" (near Memorial Day)
    • 1 $3
    • 2 $4.50
    • 5lbs: $10
    • 1gal. $20
    • 60lbs. $60 + $5 for the bucket
  • Lots of other varieties

$5-10 shipping (via post office)


Pricey, but a good variety of unusual honeys

shipping: 5lb/$6.50, 1gal/$8.00

Pot O' Gold


The web site isn't necessarily up to date and they can't take credit card orders (you need to call, have them calculate shipping, then mail them a check).

The Greek Honey Shop

Greek honeys, including forest, thyme, flowers, and pine tree.