A Brief Introduction to Starsong

Starsong is a coven in the Blue Star Tradition.

We are a traditionalist Wiccan coven which has been practicing since 1988. For more information about the Blue Star tradition, see "Home Again" by Devyn Christopher Gillette. We honor the Gods of the British Isles. Our focus is on joyful worship, seasonal celebrations, ritual experience, and teaching.

Good food is important to us. A potluck feast is a regular part of coven meetings, and we cook and share traditional foods at Sabbat celebrations. We also make candles, mead, and seasonal and ritual items for use in our circles.

We strive for gender balance, and welcome diverse lifestyles. We welcome intelligent, grounded, friendly folks who are interested in learning with us and who will make a commitment to attend scheduled events.

Please direct feedback to Starsong coven. This page last modified March 1, 2000.